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photo of Alex with her back to the camera, facing miniature cemetery on a table in front of her. Behind is a wall. On the right edge of the photo stands a person holding a video camera pointed at the cemetery. A projection of leaves from the miniature cemetery appears on the wall.

Photo by Anna Camilleri

Storywalker Calls

recorded in 2021

From her Pandemic Headquarters (AKA her kitchen table) Alex reconnects with Silvia, Vikesh, Trisha and Benton for one-on-one catch ups, and asks “tell me about something you keep in your home.”

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Artist Headshot for Becky Gold, a white person with a short brown pixie cut, freckles, and large clear rimmed square glasses
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Since first premiering at Cahoots Theatre in 2018, May I Take Your Arm? has been restaged five times; each iteration distinctly unique and illuminating. Out of these five productions, two of them took us away from our home base of Toronto. For me, as a support worker/creative enabler, the experience of touring this show in places like Kingston and Vancouver has presented an exciting opportunity for Alex and me to really live and breathe the ethos of the work – to walk together, arm in hand, to discover and orient ourselves to new and unfamiliar surroundings. 
While May I Take Your Arm? has evolved and shifted throughout its various iterations in different spaces and locations, for me, the show has always been about interdependence, connection, and care. At its core, this show invites a reconsideration of how one experiences and navigates their unique world – through sight, through sound, through touch or smell. It invites reflection on how one gives and receives support, connects with others, and navigates the constantly changing world around us. While we wish we could have been in space with you all this year, we’re so glad to have you join us this way for our newest iteration.
- Becky Gold
Creative Access Support, Livestream Audio Description
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