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a colourful close-up photo shows a miniature figurine standing in a miniature cemetery, beside a headstone that says "mom". The figurine wears a pink dress and has their arms crossed in front of them.

 Photo by Anna Camilleri

Storywalker Tracks

recordings from 2018 / tracks composed in 2021

Meet the storywalkers: Zahra, Vikesh, Trisha, Ronnie, Benton, Dwayne, Silvia, & Enrique. These new audio compositions by Tristan R. Whiston are crafted from archival recordings of storywalks with Alex Bulmer, originally captured in spring 2018.

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Artist Headshop for Wy Joung Kou
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When I walk around my neighbourhood, I see a pride flag hanging from my neighbour’s balcony; I see rabbits snacking on flower beds and a wasp nest clinging precariously to a tired tree branch; I see the beings, homes, and people that make up my West-end Toronto neighbourhood.


I designed this website with the intention (and challenge, as a sighted person) of centering Blindness and providing a meaningful home – a welcoming neighbourhood – for the work of my co-collaborators.


When I came aboard the May I Take Your Arm? creative team, I arrived with my own question: “may I hear your screen reader?” And with that, I was thrust into the unknown [to me] worlds of JAWS, NVDA, and VoiceOver. To be guided through these for the first time was a humbling experience, and one that emphasized to me, yet again, the joys and revelations of interdependence.


Through access intimacy and many layers of collaboration, this website came to be. It houses stories and relationships, some of them represented on the pages of this site, and some of them embedded directly into its fabric. Whoever you are and where ever you may be, I sincerely hope that they are all able to reach you.

- Wy Joung Kou
Website Designer
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